Exposure science tools

Lead: NIPH

WP2 develops the tools for assessment of different exposures, applies these tools to the ATHLETE cohorts and intervention studies, and generates knowledge on the drivers and sources of personal exposures.
This WP will assess:

  • The chemical exposome by biomonitoring assays targeting 100 known chemical pollutants in blood and urine samples, including endocrine disrupting chemicals like phthalates, phenols and perfluoroalkyl substances, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAHs), pesticides, and heavy metals
  • The presence of other “unknown” chemical exposures through untargeted screening methods
  • The urban exposome, which includes air pollution, traffic noise, climate factors, UV, light, built and natural environments like green and blue spaces, traffic and transport, social deprivation, and the food environment
  • Dietary sources of the chemical exposome
  • Drivers of the personal exposome such as socioeconomic position, social deprivation, and degree of urbanization