All parts of the work will provide input to the ATHLETE Online Toolbox on this page. This will ensure that data and tools will not only be developed and used within the project, but will be accessible to researchers and policy makers long after the project has finished.

The figure on the right shows the contributions of each Work Packages (WP) to the online toolbox.

Athlete Toolbox

Exposome data and analysis tools

DataSHIELD beginners’ workshop

The beginners’ workshop covers the basics of how to begin to use DataSHIELD statistical software. The first part focuses on getting the training environment set up, followed by working through several sections on various statistical techniques.

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DataSHIELD resources workshop

This workshop covers how to use the resource, a DataSHIELD extension that allows to manage any large data sets.

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DataSHIELD OMICs analysis workshop

This workshop covers how to perform state‐of‐the‐art methods in omic data using non‐disclosive approaches implemented in DataSHIELD including GWAS, gene expression and methylation data analysis.

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Statistical analysis to study exposome workshop

This workshop provides a brief overview of available statistical methods to study exposome‐health outcome associations. We explain the data pre‐processing steps required to perform such analysis, and introduce the rexposome package (ExWAS, data visualization).

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Tutorial: Non-disclosive federated exposome data analysis with DataSHIELD and Bioconductor

This R package allows us, among others, the analysis of exposome data since we can define a resource as an ExposomeSet an specific method to encapsulate exposome data in R.

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