Air pollution is one of the greatest environmental risks to health. To help identify effective, feasible and applicable interventions to reduce children’s exposure to air pollution and other environmental hazards, ATHLETE partner Born in Bradford has invited practitioners, policy makers and communities to take part in a new online study

In 2019, 99% of the world’s population was living in places where the World Health Organization (WHO)’s air quality guidelines were not met. Policy recommendations to effectively reduce children’s exposures to air pollution and other environmental hazards rely on good evidence of what works and for whom. The Born in Bradford study seeks input from experts to identify the best interventions in reducing these exposures.

The study involves completing up to three short surveys, each around one month apart, to obtain consensus on what action is most likely to work. Participants will be asked to rate whether the presented interventions are effective at reducing environmental exposures or improving health for children, and whether they are realistic to implement. The results of this study will then be used to explore intervention priorities in different settings and create briefing notes to help influence adoption of effective interventions in policy.

Participate in the survey (deadline: 30 April 2023)

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